I was born in London, UK.  While living in the Basque region of Spain, I co-created Hello Yellow - a storytelling venture that offered school age children a meaningful and fun method of learning English.  For nearly a decade I told traditional folktales and myths in schools, libraries and civic centers, bringing language alive for the listeners while creating a love of storytelling in myself.

Since moving to the the United States in 2008 I have told stories to many people in libraries, classrooms, community centers and at festivals. More recently I have begun a journey with interactive storytelling - allowing the group’s collective imaginations to steer the course of the story.  This is an extremely rewarding and creative way of opening up the mind to the wonderful places our imagination can take us.


"In the wonderful world, of our incredible mind              

Our imagination can always find

Whatever we need whenever we need it

All you have to do is use it!

A story a day is a perfect way

To fill your mind with every kind

Of adventure!"