“Jools, I have got to be honest what I had the chance to observe yesterday was nothing short of wonderful and excellent…..It is not often that I say this but you blew me away - stunned at how great yesterday was. I have worked with kids and programming for going on twenty-one years and what you accomplished yesterday was easily one of the best programmatic elements that I have ever had the privilege to observe.” Bill Bonsignore, Lead Site Director - One Planet Program, White River Valley Supervisory Union, VT. 2018

“The best part of your program was how you made the story come alive and how you involved the children in creating the story………..The children really loved the props and being able to express themselves after the story by creating their own art.  You make literacy interesting and real! We would be happy to have you back anytime!!!” Amy Gray, One Planet Site Coordinator, 2018

"Working with adult learners, it can be challenging to get the imagination and creativity flowing--Jools is brilliant at it.  She had our entire classroom immersed in the story, creating it along with her and having a blast in the process." Lacy Gross, Academic Coordinator of Global Campuses Foundation, NH, 2018

“Jools… You are a 10 for performing and extending the Arts for story, imagination and animation! I'd jump on the opportunity to give my K's another time with you.” Martha Cain, Sharon Elementary School, VT  Kindergarten Teacher, 2017

"Jools is a fantastic storyteller!  Her variety of stories and accents kept guests of all ages on the edge of their seats.  Can't wait to have her back!" Amy Thurber, Director of Canaan Town Library, NH, 2017